Wednesday, March 11, 2009

C++ VST Plugin Development Links

Here's a list of some links I've found helpful when diving into C++ VST programming, that I hope to be updating whenever I come across more good resources.

Getting started:
C++ VST Plugin Tutorials.
Teragon Audio's Developer Resources

VSTGUI SourceForge page - Be sure you get v3.5 here, especially if you want to roll your own controls.
Thread about VSTGUI at KVR Audio.

Gui / Framework:
IPlug - An open C++ platform independent framework for VST and AU audio plugins and GUIs.
Juce - A framework for building cross-platform applications, that has support for VST, AU and RTAS plug-ins. Commercial or GPL licences available. Note that the VST SDK and the GPL are incompatible.
Plugin Developer - A resource for VST plugin development, that seems to focus on the IPlug framework.

Other Helpful Resources:
The Yvan Grabit Developer Resource

Update: I fixed the link to Teragon Audio, and removed some dead links.


bmoviehorror said...

Thanks for the comment and link to my site in your blog post. I have also added a link to your site in my blogroll. Thanks for the info about vstgui 3.5, I'll check into it.

Anonymous said...

There is a framework that can be a good choice for developping the gui part of vst plugins (some examples come with the distrib). His name is juce

Ernst Hot said...

sphaira, how could I forget? Juce is indeed very good, as should be obvious from from looking at the Juce Users page

Unfortunately, it is useless for me, as I simply can't afford a commercial license, and GPL and the VST SDK, aren't compatible. This is especially annoying, since I plan to release any plug-ins I might eventually release, as open-source. But you can't really blame Jules for his choice of licensing model, I think.

Anyway, thanks, I'll go ahead and add it :)

Teragon Audio said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the VST Plugin Tutorial for VS has been moved to the following location:

Carlos said...

Looks like that VST site from Terragon needs an update...

found it here..


HawksCode said...
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